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Louis Vuitton replica handbags rank among all cheap replica bags. And I think no matter who you are, either one with deep pocket or who cannot afford designer lv bags, you must know that the departure of Marc Jacobs and the appointment of Nicolas Ghesquiere as the new designer head for LV if you are a really into LV products.

It is believed that while many people regret the leaving of Marc they also have great curiosity to the next step of Louis Vuitton. It is true that Marc have brought many fantastic collections and great profit for LV on his helm of lv in the past sixteen years and I can still expect more from him. However, something groundbreaking is expected from the new leader. Working for Balenciaga formerly, Ghesquiere has been widely recognized by virtue of his forward-thinking design and innovative textiles and constructions, skills which help him to create exclusiveness which is desired by rich fashion buyers. And now I just wonder what kind of style will be the first collection from Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton enthusiasts. It is reported that the first collection will be first introduced in March, 2014. And cheap replica bags with LV logos can be expected in the following month too.

While some people doubt the appointment of Ghesquiere since his former boss—Balenciaga never compete with LV in terms of image and industry position, others still lay high hopes on the new designer, believing that the endless resources adding Ghesquiere personal ability will help him to design brand-new LV bags and other lines. Personally, I love the change and expect most from the change. Change though bring risk possibly means opportunity too. I do wonder what kind of cheap replica bags marked with LV logos will appear in the replica market next year. Waiting…


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