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Hi, girls, how is everything going? Do you get satisfactory replica bags for this fall? So exciting to talk about bags each time especially when I get new bag. See the bag presented above. What do you think about?

Actually, the bag is bough by chance. Since the weather is becoming cooler and cooler and I decide to store some warm attire. When I search online for my needed clothing, this bag pops out suddenly. Though I just bought a black bag two week ago, I was immediately attracted by its printed leather and the style. Click in and find that is a Miss Printed Oak Lily from Mulberry. Though it is a replica, obviously great leather is used for this cute coffee shoulder bag. Well, I have to admit that I never buy bag colored brown as referred in my earlier article. But it seems an instant love when the bag is presented before me. This is the first time that I feel very happy with “pop-out” ads on my screen.

All details the bag has thrills me like the printed leather, the strong structure and the rotatable clasp. What’s more, the chain is also a nice design for the bag, greatly creating a modern look for the bag. Though it has a little unpleasant smell, I am just into it! Anyway it is not possible to expect everything perfect from replica bags. This Mulberry replica is good enough and beyond my expectation.

When I go home with it, my cousin also loves it so much so I decide to get a same bag for her. Amazingly, I find the bag is much cheaper than that of mine when I search online. I spent almost two hundred dollars for the bag but the second one is 53 dollars. After a comparison of their leather and workmanship, I decide to get the one with higher price due to its good quality. Anyway, you get what you pay ,which is not a exception when it comes to replica bags.



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