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As an Italian brand with a long history in the fashion history, Fendi has established global reputation. If you are seeking for a designer bag combining fashion and quality, you should not neglect Fendi. However, its big name has stimulated the popularity of fake Fendi bags. Let’s take Fendi calfskin bags for example. Generally speaking, even the best replica Fendi calfskin bags are look the same with the original ones in both exterior and interior. And superior leather are used to make the bag expensive, they are different with the originals in the following ways:

Serial Number: all Fendi calfskin bags have their own serial number which is unique and printed right on the bag. If the bag you buy has other numbers matched by replica dealers themselves, it is replica.

Handles: In many cases, the handles of Fendi calfskin bags are made of real leather completely instead of vinyl. In other words, the handles of replica Fendi bags are made of leather and are completed by other interior materials at the same time.

Stitching: Designer handbags are famous for handcrafted workmanship. Every detail is made by experienced artisans to pursue perfect bag.  Therefore, all the bag’s stitching is even, straight, and clean, which definitely contribute a lot to the expensive looks of the designer bags.

Buckles: The buckles are used to be square instead of other shapes for Fendi bags, which can give you some tips when you judge whether your bag is a replica or not.

Lining: Fendi bags like Fendi calfskin bags have linings made of leather or satin well stitched by leather or satin. If the lining is glued on your bag, you can conclude that it is a fake one.

Smell: This is a good and simple tip. Smell your bag and if it has strong chemical smell rather than natural leather, your bag is a knockoff.

Well, it is hoped that the above tips can make you away from replica Fendi bags.