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Hermes Birkin bags are handed by stars from different countries and social backgrounds. As the one of the signature collection of Hermes, this bag now has several sizes namely :25、30、35、40、50. Each size boasts different materials including calfskin (the most average one), ostrich skin, lizard skin and crocodile skin. It is undoubted that this bag is widely embraced for its symbol of fashion as well as great quality (that’s true since it is made of the toughest skin say crocodile) And predictably, the price tag for such a bag is beyond the reach of many average fashion buyers. Even so, it seems that people’s passion for it never fades, so they go for Hermes Birkin cheap bags when they cannot afford the real versions.

To be honest, I do support the idea of buying Hermes Birkin cheap bags despite price factor. For many fashion buyers, they just consider their needs despite the fact that the crazier they go for these luxury bags, the more miserable fate the animal will end up with. And it is very likely that you may never see crocodile on the world not long after, let alone its skin.  Here don’t mean that we should not purse fashion by carrying luxury bags. But there is some more sensible alternatives say opting for Hermes Birkin cheap bags which is made out of high-end synthetic leathers. Thus, we not only can keep fashion but spend less money too. The bigger bonus is that we are trying to protect those endangered animals.

Today, Hermes Birkin cheap bags are worldwide purchased. However, people go for them simply because they are affordable. And it is believed that they will get the authentic ones once they have enough budgets. What I expect is that one day even the luxury houses like Hermes and LV can adopt a more environment-friendly tactic when it comes to raw materials.


Replica Hermes bags are hunted for by many people, especially Hermes Birkin, one of Hermes’s iconic masterpieces. It is not inappropriate to say that similar t Hermes Kelly, Hermes Birkin is a legend in Hermes history, adding more reputation to this famous bag brand. Till today, Hermes Birkin is still adored in the world and carried by many celebs. It is also the best-selling bag among all replica Hermes bags. Reviewing its history, we can easily find that this bag is redesigned for many times and now there are wide selections for this bag which come in a wide range of leathers and colors. All these varieties can be found in the replica Hermes bags market.


Among this selection, there is an exclusive edition called Hermes So Black Birkin which is a very rare bag for its so-called “so back” (the face of this item is all black including its hardware, this is rare in Hermes). Dated back, this version was originally released in 2010 and came in two varieties including the matte alligator and box calf.  Famous Kim Kardashian, Tamara Ecclestone, Elizabeth Hurley are all reported to have this very rare and black Hermes Birkin. I have to admit that the bag is so alluring and I will take it before. But now I begin to stuff my wardrobe with no-black items and of course this bags is not in my wish list. However, if you are obsessed with black and Hermes (personally, black is noble and mysterious and very appealing), you can try it. Of course I don’t mean that you go t o get a real So Black replica Hermes Birkin handbags, which is not so possible for its hefty price and since 2011, this bag is not reproduced by Hermes, which makes the bag much rarer.

But if you go for it in replica Hermes bags market, you can get it without effort. And you will have a rare Birkin than other average Birkin.