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Patek Philippe watches are masterpieces of both history and horology. Every Patek Pilippe watch is an embodiment of functional aesthetics. Absorbing the quintessence of the past generations, Patek Philippe’s newly launched pieces appear to be intriguing. While other premium watches are introduced with luxury and gorgeous design, Patek Philippe finds its way to the classic yet charming style.

This feminine timepiece expresses an utmost elegance and aristocratic nobleness. Understated design with fluent and streamline silhouette presents a simple exquisiteness. Though it is compact, this watch shows diligent detail. The distinguished cream-colored dial is the main contribution to its elegance. Gold grains and numerals serve as luxurious embellishments of the simple dial and keep in line with the everose gold case. You may find that only hour hand and minute hand have been displayed on the dail. Even without a second hand and the date indicator, it provides the precise time keeping function and its graceful charm would not be absent. Crafted alligator strap with square scales perfectly matches the case to exudes classic artistry. Such a timeless watch is surely a precious art work for those who look for low-key luxury accessory.
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