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Hi, girls, how is everything going? Do you get satisfactory replica bags for this fall? So exciting to talk about bags each time especially when I get new bag. See the bag presented above. What do you think about?

Actually, the bag is bough by chance. Since the weather is becoming cooler and cooler and I decide to store some warm attire. When I search online for my needed clothing, this bag pops out suddenly. Though I just bought a black bag two week ago, I was immediately attracted by its printed leather and the style. Click in and find that is a Miss Printed Oak Lily from Mulberry. Though it is a replica, obviously great leather is used for this cute coffee shoulder bag. Well, I have to admit that I never buy bag colored brown as referred in my earlier article. But it seems an instant love when the bag is presented before me. This is the first time that I feel very happy with “pop-out” ads on my screen.

All details the bag has thrills me like the printed leather, the strong structure and the rotatable clasp. What’s more, the chain is also a nice design for the bag, greatly creating a modern look for the bag. Though it has a little unpleasant smell, I am just into it! Anyway it is not possible to expect everything perfect from replica bags. This Mulberry replica is good enough and beyond my expectation.

When I go home with it, my cousin also loves it so much so I decide to get a same bag for her. Amazingly, I find the bag is much cheaper than that of mine when I search online. I spent almost two hundred dollars for the bag but the second one is 53 dollars. After a comparison of their leather and workmanship, I decide to get the one with higher price due to its good quality. Anyway, you get what you pay ,which is not a exception when it comes to replica bags.



Mulberry, as a classic British brand, is well known to the world with its vintage style and exclusive design. Mulberry is specialized in creating exquisite leather crafts blending practicality and aesthetics. Unique style of its bags makes Mulberry stand out from other gorgeous bags among the world. Mulberry bags are featured with classy and durable leather, classical rivets and other metal accessories. These elements always remind us of the European knights in middle ages. Different colours and various kinds of leather enable every Mulberry bag to be unique and well matched to different styles.



This Mulberry bag exudes a timeless and distinguished style that evokes thoughts of both vintage and modern elegance. Blue color gives a dignified and graceful feeling. Instead of the general shape, this compact and understated bag is particularly designed with the smart structure. Silver nickel component with classical Mulberry logo is the only embelishment. Soft leather with embossed grain appearance shows its detailed charm. Like most other bags, this bag has two top leather handles and a full zip closure. What makes it neoteric is the padlock design which serves as a practical adornment. Sophisticated craftsmanship and finest leather adopting offer a sense of low-key luxury and graceful elegance. This Mulberry bag is another masterpiece among the high end luxury bags. Celebrities, trendies and the youth are all fascinated by this exquisite bags that blends contemporary and retro feel.

Bags are the best interpretation of Mulberry’s unparalleled crafts, bold and distinctive style and practicality. But they are unreachable to most people for their expensive prices. Ordinary people could hardly afford such a high end bags with little incomes. To follow the Mulberry style, Mulberry replica bags could be the best alternatives. With satisfying quality and durability, these bags meticulously imitate the original ones to provide you the same luxury style. With the popularity of retro style in these days, Mulberry replica bags have soon caught the world’s eyes and gained increasing concerns. Being the masterpieces in retro bags, Mulberry bags enable you to experience the fusion of modern and vintage. With compact design and tactile quality, Mulberry bags could enhance your outfits and to be appropriate for any occasion. Buying Mulberry replica bags becomes another trend. With remarkable craft, these bags are always mistaken for original Mulberry bags. Bringing Mulberry replica bags, your refined taste and excellent sense of fashion could be completely exuded.