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After I see 2014 Fendi replica handbags collection, I at the first time expect fake Fendi bags of next year so much. They are just so brilliant and the designs are completely what I want them to be. Actually, Fendi is not my favorite brand when it comes to designer handbags. But the Fendi’s Spring 2014 Handbags are so beyond and eyeball-grabbed. Every detail especially the fuzzy ornaments on the bags are well set. That what makes me happy is the integration of cool tone and warm tone. It seems that cold season always makes designers turn to those dark colors to fit for the unpleasant weather, which really upsets me. However, I feel very comfortable about the hues including the cool ones of this collection. Though cool tone like blue and grey hue is used, they look comfortable and create understated charm. However, this is not all about this fantastic series.

You must have noticed the noticeable fur embellishments on the bag faces. I have to say that Fendi designers do make great use of those furs. I hope you can make sense this point but if you can’t, just imagine the looks of the bags without those furs. So now what do think? It is the fuzzy furs of multitude colors that relief the solid geometrical shapes and creates sense of warmth and cuteness for the bags. After a few hours spent on checking them one by one, now I really want the fake Fendi bags since I know that I never afford the original prices.

I believe that you will love them too and expect their fake versions after you check the show. What I worry is that how the fake Fendi bags will be made and what kinds of materials will be used. I have two favorite items and hope their fake version would be great too.